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little fish them

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Name:Captain Fabulous
Birthdate:Jun 1, 1988
Cyrus or Cy (Cyrus Tristanii) is one of two known single-specimen species in the family Fabulae, the other being Tristan or Tree (Tristanus Cyrusii), with which Cyrus has mated with for life. Both species are the sole members of their genus and, being exclusively male, are unable to produce offspring. Despite or perhaps because of this, they appear to be drawn to adopting species of other orders and classes; they currently jointly care for a common house cat.
Cyrus appears to have a close physical resemblance of humans and is often mistaken for one. However, closer inspection reveals Cyrus' significantly superior ability to make use of sparkles, rainbows, awesomeness, and fabulosity, and appears to effervesce these products, especially during its frequent bouts of flamboyant theatrics. Humans tend to misunderstand or misinterpret Cyrus due to mistaking it for one of their own and thus generally ostracize or avoid it out of fear and confusion. Those that avoid this mistake are generally thought to be other human lookalikes of unknown families. This subsequent isolation does not appear to have detrimental effects, as Cyrus voluntarily refuses to leave its semi-underground dwelling that it shares with Tristan (which is a far more solitary species).
Cyrus was originally located in the southwest region of the United States, known as southern California. It is adapted to surviving the desert climate, so its migration to the northeast region, specifically New Hampshire, has been particularly difficult. It is known to wrap itself in warm clothes and blankets during the winter months. Regardless, it enjoys snow.
Cyrus has been known to be semi-aquatic in its youth, but predominantly prefers dry land in its adulthood. It is now mostly sedentary and has a tendency to emit various noises of distress and discomfort when required to move or leave its dwelling. It does, however, dance, though rather badly.
Cyrus is predominantly homosexual, showing interest in human males and male-male relationships, especially regarding fictional characters in visual media. It enjoys story-telling in the same vein, and derives happiness from sharing its fictional accounts. Cyrus is also drawn to music and, although clearly tone-deaf, will begin to sing when happily immersed in work and other activities. Its artistic ability is crude, at best, and is predominantly either erotic or humorous.


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